HIDEOUT SERIES: Rutherglen Water Tower

The third addition to the HIDEOUT series:
The Rutherglen Wine bottle
It was originally a water tower situated just out of the town center on ‘Rutherknoll’ a significant hill within the town of Rutherglen,Victoria, exposing rolling views of the surrounding area. It was then converted into a ‘wine bottle’ as a tourist attraction for the town by adding the mesh top.
Rutherglen is a small town located 276 km North East of Melbourne.
 With a population of around 1,990 living within the town itself and the surrounds of the town, this makes it a town size that would be small enough to handle if one is careful. The bottle itself is about 20 metres high and has stairs winding up the indise to the top windows of the tower.
Constructed entirely of brick then with an iron ring and mesh atop the tower, this structure would be impenetrable to the undead! There is however some debate over the condition of the building, With it recently being sold though no obvious signs of decay are apparent.
What makes this the perfect hide out is its one entry and exit, an extremely thick wooden door(currently padlocked so bring some boltcutters) and lookout tower at the very top.
The windows that are high enough so they wont be a point of weakness and it is a fairly isolated location on top of a hill with small residential surroundings.
The town is situated close to fresh water, With the murray river and numerous creeks within walking distance as well as farms that could provide meat through various farm animals and crops at the beginning of the end before they have had time to expire! Furthermore these farms could be a potential goldmine for weapons, tools and supplies with farmers tending to own a firearm or 10 and other equipment that would come in very handy.As an added bonus,Rutherglen is the heart of red wine country in Victoria, so if worst comes to worst and all is lost we can drink ourselves into oblivion on some delicious red wines and fortifieds!



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