HIDEOUT! Series: Duart Castle – Isle of Mull

The Next addition to our HIEDOUT! series takes us to the Isle of Mull In Scotland and to Duart Castle.

The Isle of Mull is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland.With an area of 875.35 square kilometres (337.97 sq mi) Mull is the fourth largest Scottish island and the fourth largest island surrounding Great Britain.

Much of the population lives in Tobermory, the only burgh on the island until 1973, and its capital and for the zombie apocalypse, Tobermory even has it’s own whiskey distillery and Brewery!!

The area of interest however is Duart Castle

Below is a gallery showcasing the immense structire that is Duart castle.

The obvious advantages to this castle are the fact that is situated on an island. With a population of 2,667 (source), which greatly assists in the whole business of staying alive.

Built around the 1300’s, It was the home of the Maclean clan and additions such as cellars and keep were undertaken to improve the castle.

The castle stands on a crag at the end of the peninsular jutting out into the Sound of Mull at the intersection of the sound of Mull, Loch Linne and the Firth of Lorne and within view of the neighbouring castles of Dunstaffnage, Dunollie, Aros and Ardtornish, part of a chain of castles up the Sound of Mull to Mingary Castle. (source) This is an enormous advantage, as not all residents will rush off to Duart and the size of these castles, their position and the basic fact that they are indeed CASTLES with high walls and close to the sea compared to the centre of a city increase your chances greatly.
The other advantage of the island is that one could assume that the Isle of Mull will have a delayed exposure to any virus or disease that was occurring on the mainland or in Europe/the Globe. Even if this delay was a few hours this could be the difference between life and death.

Large storage facilities, the remoteness of the building, the area of sight from the castle atop the hill is invaluable and the relatively object free view provides a great range of visibility.

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