Monthly Archives: September 2012

Survival Tactics: The “Trust Issue”

An idea that is not at all a new one, but is ever an interesting one. How much if at all should you trust outsiders (others) after Z-Day begins. With television and film depictions such as 28 days later, 28 Weeks later, The Walking Dead highlighting the folly of trusting people to whole heartedly, one can be forgiven for approaching the situation with little thought other than “leave no man behind”.

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Patient 0: An IRL Zombie Survival Shooter

If you are lucky enough to live in the great Australian city of Melbourne then y’all should get excited. A new concept aptly names ‘Patient 0’ is coming to Melbourne after achieving it’s fundraising target on Pozible of $10,000.00 within 5 days. A real life, real time zombie first person shooter aimed at ‘Scaring the shit out of you’

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HIDEOUT! Series: Lighthouses

This addition to the HIDEOUT! series focuses on the Lighthouse as a concept as a zombie hideout. With numerous lighthouses littering the Australian coasts (Complete list here) we wanted to assess the merits of the Lighthouse by singling out a couple and seeing if we could survive there.

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