HIDEOUT! Series: Lighthouses

This addition to the HIDEOUT! series focuses on the Lighthouse as a concept as a zombie hideout. With numerous lighthouses littering the Australian coasts (Complete list here) we wanted to assess the merits of the Lighthouse by singling out a couple and seeing if we could survive there.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

You can see that this particular lighthouse is a solid enough looking structure, with an enormous, thick door and one entrance, as well as extremely thick limestone walls  it’s not going to fall down anytime soon. Especially with a horde of brainless zombies scratching at it. Located in Western Australia, and on a rather deserted rocky outcrop, this building would surely see you through long (and cold) nights safely.

The Split Point Lighthouse

Also known as ‘The white Queen’ This is the lighthouse that was featured in the old school children’s show ‘Round the Twist’ and is legendary amongst the locals. The problem with this lighthouse is that it is located closer to large population centres and the Great Ocean Road. A stretch of road that attracts thousands of tourists a year.

The big advantage is that the top of the tower is now used as a mobile phone base station which could come in handy when looking for communications methods. Located in the small town Airey’s Inlet, just off the Great Ocean Road, We think this would be a great little hideout, provided you got there first.

The (Iron Pot) Derwent Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is located at the entrance to the river Derwent. Just 12 miles south of the city of Hobart, on the Island of Tasmania Australia. The advantages of this particular lighthouse are obvious from the start. It is on an island. It is made of stone AND it’s been there since 1804!

We hope we got you thinking a little out of the box.


-Steph and Sam

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