Survival Tactics: The “Trust Issue”

An idea that is not at all a new one, but is ever an interesting one. How much if at all should you trust outsiders (others) after Z-Day begins. With television and film depictions such as 28 days later, 28 Weeks later, The Walking Dead highlighting the folly of trusting people to whole heartedly, one can be forgiven for approaching the situation with little thought other than “leave no man behind”.


The now infamous scene on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” where Shane and Ottis, whilst raiding a local high school for medicine and supplies are faced with an enormous horde of ravenous walkers, face the age old dilemma of fight or flight. “My life or yours”

Shane ends up shooting Ottis in the leg and leaving him to be eaten to form as a distraction to the horde while he makes his escape. This serves as one of the best examples of ‘How much trust is too much?”, Now the normal individual would think that Shane should not have left Ottis, and should have helped him escape even if it meant his own death in the process. That is the morally correct choice. But when the adrenalin is pumping, and the horde is catching up, how would you behave? I in no way mean to insinuate that you would shoot your companion but be aware. I do not mean to preach distrust but human nature is a very fickle thing. You never know how those who you trust blindly could eventually be your downfall.

This is even more prevalent when dealing with outsiders or new party members. “The Colony” and “28 days later” deal with the issue and the results are disastrous. New members to your party have no loyalties to you and are in fact just trying to survive. Even those who you may have known for years outside of your family will have lessened loyalties to you in the post Z-Day world, with no rules but to survive. Whatever the cost.

How do you know who to trust?
What affects the level you are willing to trust someone with your life?
How would you deal with new inclusions in your group if any?

Sound off in the comments  and let us know how you plan to deal with the ‘Trust’ Issue.



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