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Survival Tactics: The “Trust Issue”

An idea that is not at all a new one, but is ever an interesting one. How much if at all should you trust outsiders (others) after Z-Day begins. With television and film depictions such as 28 days later, 28 Weeks later, The Walking Dead highlighting the folly of trusting people to whole heartedly, one can be forgiven for approaching the situation with little thought other than “leave no man behind”.

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The Disney Zombie Princess

Deviant art contributor Clocktower man, Peng, a graphic designer has done a recent zombification of your favourite disney princess’.

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Clocktower man on Tumblr

You can also Check out more of Clocktowerman’s work


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FEMA Hosts : Zombie Awareness: Effective practices in promoting disaster preparedness

As the below picture illustrates, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is hosting a zombie apocalypse awareness seminar. At last people are taking this seriously?!

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5k course of zombies, obstacles and quick decision making



In Americathe apocalypse prepared can enter a 5k race escaping from hungry zombies all while dodging and dealing with obstacles and challenges along the way.

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A Zombie Theme Park?


With the ever increasing interest and awareness in zombies as a whole and the coming apocalypse, an enormous market has been born and there are those who seek to capitalize on the genre’s success. The latest idea from entrepuener Mark Siwak in Detroit is the creation of ‘Z-land’. A zombie themed amusement park utilising the abandoned buildings, warehouses and houses of Detroit and turning them into a fully fledged zombie theme park.

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Why Your local hardware store is NOT the place you should go in the apocalypse.

When people learn
of the nature of this blog, 9 times out of 10, when asked where would you hide
in a zombie apocalypse,  the person
responds with something along the lines of:
 “ Duhh that’s easy! Bunnings (Home Depot
First and last Mistake…..

7 Essential Survival Tools of the prepared Survivor

The Aaahh Real Zombies 7 Essentials to zombie Survival

HIDEOUT SERIES: Rutherglen Water Tower

The third addition to the HIDEOUT series:
The Rutherglen Wine bottle

Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children?!

Our tea cup human counter parts can’t be forgotten as we prepare for the apocalypse. If the movies we all love and hate have come to teach anything it is children are resilient and don’t appreciate being lied to. We need to give them the facts so we can help them survive and thanks to well known Matt Mogk from Zombie Research Society, we no longer need to worry, he has written a book about it.

This book answers all those tough questions that we will have to answer when the zombies rise.
That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale by Matt Mogk helps paint a picture for children and allow them to come to terms with what will be happening to our world. Mogk proceeds to gently enlighten children about the warning signs of your mother turning into a zombie from ‘when her voice sounds just like daddy’s snore, that’s not you’re mommy anymore’ and does so in such a caring and informative way that he should be commended.
Not only is it going to be the perfect learning tool it is also a bit of fun. This well illustrated this children’s book has us here at Aaahh real Zombies! in hysterics.


Zombie Target Practice

We All know that practice makes perfect. This is going to be the case when the apocalypse comes upon us. We need to be prepared not only in where is safe to hide but how to become zombie killing machines.
People think we are crazy but there are like minded individuals like us out there helping us get ready for the zombies.
Zombie Industries has created life sized three denominational zombie target. The Tactical Bleeding Zombie target’s are designed to accurately represent an infected human. They bleed when you shoot them and even blow up into tiny pieces of bloody zombie mess.

The Zombies can take 1000+ assorted rounds which is sure to provide a substantial amount of target practice.

They are even biodegradable! Zombie Industries have thought of everything. I know what will be on my Christmas wish list.


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